Monday, February 13, 2017

General Flynn is In, WaPo is Out: A Letter to Liberals about Fake News

At Dangerandplay by Mike Chernovic  -- 

The world must seem like a confusing place to tens of millions of my fellow Americans. Today you can’t understand why Trump has not fired General Flynn, with one of my favorite leftist accounts (Peter Daou) observing, “It’s Sunday afternoon. VP Pence knowingly or unknowingly lied to America about #Flynn’s Russia call. STILL no ramifications.”


General Flynn remains part of the Administration because none of us who support Trump believe the news article, which liberals accept as fact.

Now this may make you angry or befuddled. It’s OK. I think most of you liberals are crazy, too, and I read your stuff. Reading your Tweets and articles has given me a better understanding of your outlook, motivations, and perspectives. You are valued as fellow Americans, and I’ll pay you the courtesy of an explanation.

Let me make my case for why we believe the story about General Flynn is fake news.

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