Monday, February 6, 2017

Greenfield: Elites Protest a New Revolution--“We deserve to be in in charge.”

At Truth Revolt by Daniel Greenfield

The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox. It will be brought to you by BMW. The German luxury automaker is a key advertiser at GQ. And GQ is the headquarters of the Resistance. That's a vlog by Keith Olbermann who returned from his exile at an ESPN Elba to denounce Trump.
"I am Keith Olbermann," Keith Olbermann barks to the peasants and workers of GQ who are taking a break from reading an article on '$100 Cologne that Smells Like Nothing', "This is the Resistance."

The Resistance is Remy Martin and Coach. It’s the ‘Best Silver Nail Clippers for Men to Buy Now’ and ‘7 Skincare Treatments Men are Asking for in 2017’. It’s the SAG Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

It’s the self-important people and the beautiful people rising up against the democratic oppression of the working class and proclaiming courageously in one voice, “We deserve to be in in charge.”

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