Saturday, February 11, 2017

John Derbyshire: Why Our So-Called Judges Should Get TWICE As Much Criticism As Politicians

At VDARE by John Derbyshire -- 

Especially with the mugging of Trump Administration’s immigration patriot Executive Order by the Left Coast’s No-Good Ninth Circuit, the spotlight this week has been on the third branch of the federal government: the judiciary.

First let me just get something out of the way: the thing I’m going to call the Fallacy of Judicial Impartiality.

There is a vague and widespread feeling that the other two branches of the federal government are a noisy, bloody, dirty arena of political conflict, where persons with opposing views about big issues kick and wrestle and scream at each other; while the third branch is a sort of quiet, stately, oak-paneled place where the truth is pursued by abstract intellection and rational persuasion.

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