Friday, February 3, 2017

Michael Savage cautions Trump about inner circle ” Trump is “moving much too fast and on the wrong issues.


He’s been dubbed “the Godfather of Trumpmania,” but Michael Savage noted on his nationally syndicated radio show Thursday that he also promised he would hold Donald Trump accountable if the real estate billionaire became president.

Savage said he’s concerned that Trump’s inner circle is causing him to move too fast, leading to costly mistakes, such as the raid on al-Qaida in Yemen, initially planned under Obama, that resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL and civilians.

He expressed particular concern about Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s chief counselor and his former campaign manager, describing her as an “unknown pollster” who “came along late in the campaign and, by the way, attacked Trump for a year straight.”

“I think Trump is in danger unless he wakes up to the fact that those around him may not be acting, let us say, in his best interest,” Savage said.

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