Saturday, February 4, 2017

Midnight “Release” Again – 178 Page FBI Clinton Email Document Release With Interesting Content…

At Conservative Treehouse by sundance  -- 

Internet researcher Katica has again discovered the FBI quietly, and without explanation, just released another batch of documents from the “ongoing” FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use and classified information.  This is release #6, and interestingly this release is titled part 06 of 06 so there might not be any more.  However, this batch is quite a bit more interesting.

The Super-Bowl weekend release is not a document dump; it surfaces as more of a leak than an official release – this is the same way release #5 surfaced.  Katica has an archive notification set-up to alert when the FBI host data site is changed or updated –SEE HERE– Like release #5, the #6 release is not visible directly, but is downloadable to review –SEE HERE– It’s weird how they are doing this; whoever “they” are.

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