Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Misleading 'L.A. Times' Article Quotes Cops Who Don't Want to Enforce Trump's Policies


Call it Sally Yates Syndrome.

Ms. Yates, you’ll recall, was the Justice Department official who chose to grandstand in her refusal to defend President Trump’s clumsily executed but clearly legal executive order on refugee admissions to the country. In the absence of a sitting attorney general, it fell to Ms. Yates to defend the order against the legal challenges that would surely arise. Just as any attorney has a duty to defend a client he may find loathsome, Ms. Yates was obligated to defend a policy with which she disagreed. She refused and was fired, an outcome she deserved and could only have expected.

Yes, after an eight-year hiatus, dissent is once again fashionable, and it is all the rage in some circles to display one’s opposition to President Trump and his policies.

 I’m sorry to report that this fashion has now infected some police officers, even to such an extent that they are willing to be quoted in a newspaper saying they will defy their duty and the law. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times ran a story under the headline:

“I’m Not Going To Do It." Police Aren't Eager To Help Trump Enforce Immigration Laws


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