Thursday, February 23, 2017

NBC poll: 50% of Republicans, 73% of young Republicans see Russia as an “ally” or “friendly”

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A follow-up to last night’s post on Gallup’s new data, which found Putin’s favorability among Republicans had risen 20 points in just two years. Even so, he remains unpopular — just 32 percent of GOPers gave him a thumbs up (versus 10 percent of Democrats) while Russia’s favorability among the wider American public topped out at 28 percent, below even Saudi Arabia.

What Gallup didn’t show us, though, were differences in how the two parties view Russia. Twenty-eight percent is dismal, but is that because Republicans and Democrats view Russia equally dismally or is it because Democrats strongly disapprove of Moscow after the hacking operations last year while Republicans are lukewarm? The new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll answers that question. At 35/61, NBC’s overall numbers on Russia’s favorability are a bit higher than Gallup’s, but man oh man that partisan divide…

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