Friday, February 24, 2017

Niki Haley’s BLISTERING UN Speech Will Leave CNN Red-Faced, Video

At Clash Daily  by Doug Giles --  


CNN’s been pedaling a narrative that Trump isn’t just RACIST… he’s anti-Semitic, too.
Considering his LONGSTANDING friendship with ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, as well as the orthodox Jews in his own immediate family, that seems a bit of a stretch.

Have a look at what Niki Haley said in her Press Conference after meeting with the UN:

The first thing I want to do is talk about what we just saw in there. The Security Council just finished its regular monthly meeting on Middle East issues. It’s the first meeting like that that I’ve attended, and I have to say it was a bit strange. The Security Council is supposed to discuss how to maintain international peace and security. But at our meeting on the Middle East, the discussion was not about Hizballah’s illegal build-up of rockets in Lebanon. It was not about the money and weapons Iran provides to terrorists. It was not about how we defeat ISIS. It was not about how we hold Bashar al-Assad accountable for the slaughter of hundreds and thousands of civilians. No, instead, the meeting focused on criticizing Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that’s how the Council has operated, month after month, for decades.

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