Thursday, February 2, 2017

OU students disregard safety orders; '68+ arrested'

At Campus Reform by Amber Athey

Approximately 70 people were arrested at Ohio University Wednesday evening after staging a sit-in in support of making the school a sanctuary campus.

Protesters sat-in at the Baker University Center for several hours before police officers informed them they had to leave. A little under an hour later, the remaining protesters were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, reports The Athens News.

“Clearly there were pathways...why is [OU] lying about protestors [sic] blocking baker traffic???”   

The protest started in front of the Athens County Courthouse with about 300 people and eventually marched on the Baker Center, where approximately 150 people participated in chants and held signs reading “Make Racists Afraid Again” and “Trump is a Nazi.”
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The OU Student Union said that they would continue their sit-in until the university met their list of three demands, including making the school a sanctuary campus for illegal immigrants and including “immigration status” as a protected class under OU’s discrimination policy.


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