Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Taking Trump seriously on making the GOP the ‘workers’ party’

At NYPOST by FH Buckley -- 

At great moments in history, generals have seen before them their enemies, undefended, unaware, lying in their grasp. And when that happens, they pray, “O God, I thank Thee that Thou has delivered my enemy into my hands.”

Such a moment has now arrived in American politics, and Trump has recognized it. He sees a helpless, confused Democratic Party and he’s about to outflank them. He’s stealing their issues, and we’re about to witness a revolution in American politics on a par with Nixon’s visit to China.
Trump signaled this in his CPAC speech last week, when he said he wants to go after regular American workers. Until now, Republicans didn’t know how to reach them.

The Democrats were the workers’ party, the party blue-collar types naturally thought of as their home. That’s what Trump is disputing. He wants American workers to think they’re naturally Republicans.


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