Sunday, February 5, 2017

The "Black Lives Matter" Judge Who Issued Unconstitutional Ban on Trump Order

At FrontpageMag by Daniel Greenfield  -- 

Judge James Robart is a reminder of just what is at stake in Supreme Court nominations. The media is widely describing Robart, who issued the blatantly unconstitutional restraining order on
 President Trump's action to protect Americans, as a Bush nominee. That's a deeply sad truth. And a reminder of how dangerous nominating the wrong man can be.

Calling Robart a clown and a judicial activist would be an insult to both. Robart has been an egomaniac and a narcissist on the bench who thrives on exactly the sort of attention he is getting now.

His unconstitutional TRO is not the lowest and most disgraceful point in his career. This was.

Seattle had been browbeaten by Obama's DOJ on one of its pro-criminal rampages, and was being forced to implement an illegal decree. And Robart got on his high horse in a typically clownish manner.

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