Thursday, February 23, 2017

THE MEMO: Trump's big immigration gamble

The Hill by Nial Stanage -- 

President Trump is gambling on his immigration policy. But it’s a risky bet.

On Tuesday, the administration announced a host of changes to immigration enforcement. The shift includes the hiring of thousands of new Border Patrol officers, a major expansion in the number of people subject to expedited deportation, and the setting up of a new office focused on “immigration crime.”
The announcement came in two memos from the Department of Homeland Security. The documents reiterated Trump’s plan to press ahead with his famous promise to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico, and underlined his administration’s opposition to the policies of so-called “sanctuary cities.”

The polling on the issues is not so clear-cut, however.
Trump’s election win could just as easily be seen as coming despite his immigration stance, rather than because of it.

Election Day exit polls showed that a clear majority of voters — 70 percent — believed illegal immigrants should be offered some form of legal status. Only 25 percent favored deportation. 
Those same exit polls showed Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico was supported by 41 percent of voters — but opposed by 54 percent. 
Findings like that bolster liberal confidence that Trump is making a political misjudgment in pressing ahead.


JS: The Hill still doen't get the Trump movement can't be stopped and I don't believe their poll numbers, not even close to reality.

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