Saturday, February 18, 2017

The #Resistance is pushing Republicans to back Trump


Sure, it matters that President Trump has a historically low favorability rating. Then again, disliking the president isn’t exactly a courageous act. Plenty of Americans, many who supported the president during the general election, don’t like him. They do realize that politics is a trade-off.

Here’s a more revealing question pollsters might ask: Do you “like” any better Sens. Chuck Schumer or Elizabeth Warren, pussy-hatted marchers griping about the patriarchy or the totalitarians blocking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from walking into a public school?

That’s the choice #TheResistance has created for many moderate Republicans, right-leaning independents and movement conservatives concerned about Trump. That is to say, they offer no choice whatsoever. They offer plenty of hysteria, hypocrisy and conflation of conservatism with Trumpism for political gain.


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