Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Trump-Reagan Parallels

At  WTimes by Tammy Bruce -- 

The media laugh at any attempt to compare President Trump with former President Ronald Reagan, but there are many similarities, not the least of which are the withering attacks both men endured while running for and as president.

The extraordinary assaults by media, celebrities and jealous politicians against Mr. Trump have been unending. Their attacks include questioning his mental health, comparing him to Hitler (over and over and over again), declaring him a fascist, insisting he’s a modern-day Manchurian candidate, that he’s a traitor (because Russians!), and on and on.

The striking thing about the nature of the attacks is that they’re all personal. They are accusations meant to instill in the listener a sense of danger, provoking an existential fear of the president of the United States.

Now why would someone want to do that? And what could possibly be the result of creating that toxic environment?

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