Sunday, February 5, 2017

These 16 quotes prove America can exclude or deport any immigrant … for any reason

At Conservative Review by Daniel Horowitz  --

Daniel Horowitz
Daniel Horowitz

The ubiquitous notion among the political and legal establishment that there are any constitutional limitations on our sovereign right to exclude any immigrant for any reason is the most dangerous constitutional crisis we are facing in the coming months. It is one of the reasons why I wrote Stolen Sovereignty“— as a reminder of our history, traditions, and laws on immigration and sovereignty.

Based on 200 years of case law, the accepted laws of nation states, and the principles of the social compact, popular sovereignty, and jurisdictional sovereignty, the American people — as expressed through their elected representatives — have the right to exclude or deport any non-citizen for any reason. The prudence of such a move is a political question best dealt with by the political branches of government depending on the situation at hand. But the courts have absolutely no ability to force the political branches to allow aliens to remain in this country against statutes passed by Congress. 

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