Sunday, February 12, 2017

Three Lessons Learned from the Judicial Brawl over Trump’s Immigration Order

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Tom Tancredo,

Lesson number one: never take a knife to a gun fight. Lesson number two is that every Trump initiative on immigration will be a gunfight, not a walk in the park. And, unfortunately, lesson number three is that there are a large number of “so-called judges” who will be strapped and ready to bushwhack the president at every turn.

The federal courts are a battleground, not a playground, and the 9th Circuit is the most left-wing battleground of all. District Court Judge Robart was especially incompetent in his ruling and deserved to be ridiculed for his embarrassing performance, but judicial sabotage of constitutional government is nothing new. Someone at the White House or Homeland Security forgot to factor it into the game plan for the “roll-out.”

Score round one for the army of activist open borders judges and lawyers Trump will face at every turn. But that 9th Circuit ruling was only round one, and Trump can still score a knockout.

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