Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump keeps his eye on the jobs ball

At NYPost by Post Ed Board  -- 

Despite all the noise in Washington, President Trump seems to be keeping his eye on the main ball: jobs.

In a meeting with airline executives Thursday, he signaled that some “phenomenal” pro-growth tax-cut plan should be announced “over the next two or three weeks.” He promised “rolling back burdensome regulations” in the same sitdown.

The Dow proceeded to jump 118 points on the day.

Meanwhile, tangible benefits of the new sheriff in Washington continue to roll in. In the Oval Office
on Wednesday, Intel announced a $7 billion investment in a Chandler, Ariz., plant that will add 3,000 jobs (beyond the construction work).

Intel had started the factory in President Barack Obama’s first term (a fact Obama milked in a visit during the 2012 campaign), then mothballed it in 2014 as business prospects dimmed.

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