Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"What The F**k Is Wrong With You America" - Moby Claims Trump Dossier 100% Real, War With Iran Looms

At Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden -- 

Shaw  I have no idea who"Moby" is or what he does. Seriously. But what he says indicates whats in the minds of the other side.

After the "Agent Orange" debacle at The Grammy's, it appears the music-erati are jealous of their Hollywood peers and ratched amplifier on hysteria up to '11' today. Having asked America "what the fuck is wrong with you" shortly after electing President Trump, veteran electronic music star Moby shared a Facebook post where he claims his "D.C. friends" confirmed the Trump dossier is "100% real"

By way of background, here is Moby expressing his dis-satisfaction at the deplorables' voting in November...
"As a life-long progressive i'm supposed to be diplomatic and understanding, but America, what the fuck is wrong with you?" he wrote in the open letter shared with Billboard. "But then I ask myself, very sadly, why am I surprised?"

Moby continued: "This is the America who has now elected a dim-witted, racist, misogynist. A dim-witted, racist, misogynist who has ruined businesses and has no policy proposals other than 'build a wall.' I guess there will be some cold, bitter schadenfreude in spending the next 4 years watching middle america wake up to the fact that donald trump is an incompetent con-man.

"The rust belt jobs won't come back. the wall won't get built. and Hillary won't get locked up. Donald Trump will be impeached, or end his presidency with single digit approval ratings; and hopefully, somehow, america will finally wake up the fact that republicans are, simply, terrible."


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