Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Team Trump forget to fight the culture wars?

At NYPOST by  F.H.Buckley --

During the Cold War, peaceniks proposed unilateral disarmament: Let the Soviets keep their nukes, we’ll get rid of ours.

The Cold War is over, but there’s another war going on, a culture war being fought over whether there’s anything honorable or decent in American and Western history and culture. It’s an extraordinarily important war, because it’s about the country we live in and the country our children will live in 20 years hence.

The anti-American crowd has mostly won the war. Recently, I watched the HBO TV miniseries “Band of Brothers,” a fictionalized portrayal of one infantry regiment during World War II. It was produced just 15 years ago, but something so pro-American probably couldn’t be made today.

You’d think an “America First” Trump administration would have recognized the need to engage in the culture wars. But that’s not what it’s doing. Instead, it’s proposing unilateral disarmament.

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