Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ann Coulter On Obamacare: Restore A Free Market, Remove Immigrant Freeloaders

Vdare/Ann Coulter

*JS: I agree with Ann Coultier that there should be a Market place plan for healthcare.
8 years ago before Obama the Market controlled health plans for the public. 80% had good coverage and a good price. I have suggest since the election that Pres Trump have a HC Summit
with the health Care Insurance CEOs. And have Pres Trump tell these CEO go back to your market system of 8 years ago but add prexistting condition coverage, state to other state policies and a few other very small changes. This could be done in weeks. I don't want Congress, especially Paul Ryan, McConnells involved in my health care/.

The first sentence of Congress’ Obamacare repeal should read: “There shall be a free market in health insurance.

Right there, I’ve solved the health insurance crisis for 90 percent of Americans. Unfortunately, no one can imagine what a free market in health care looks like because we haven’t had one for nearly a century.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend, for example, Chuck Todd told Sen. Tom Cotton that his proposal to create affordable health care that would be widely available, “sounds good,” but “do you understand why some people think that’s an impossible promise to keep?” [Transcript]

(The “do you understand …?” formulation is a condescension reserved only for conservatives, whose disagreement with liberals is taken as a sign of stupidity.)

Todd continued: “To make it affordable, making it wider, I mean, that just seems like—you know, it seems like you’re selling something that can’t be done realistically.”

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