Saturday, March 25, 2017

ANN COULTER: Trump Must Focus On Core Promises, Reject Paul Ryan Agenda

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| Infowars,

Ryan is not on Trump’s side.

In an appearance on Fox News, Ann Coulter expressed her concern that President Donald Trump is getting sucked into the all-too-familiar Republican quagmire, and instead needs to drive his own agenda straight through the Establishment opposition.

“They seem to be Paul Ryan’s priorities, and also just the standard GOP corporatist stuff,” she told Tucker Carlson. “What made Donald Trump stand apart from the crowd – and apart from the crowd of every presidential candidate for the last 20 years – was immigration, trade, infrastructure, building a wall – obviously that was very, very popular.”
“A lot of people haven’t been listened to all this time, and look – I like tax cuts, I would love to have my taxes cut – but [only] 50% of the people even pay taxes.”

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