Friday, March 3, 2017

Anti-Trump Activist, Former Leader of Islamist Group Working at the VA

Frontpagemag -- by Joe Kaufman --

In September 2014, Tamim Chowdhury moved to Miami, Florida to become the first National Executive Director of Emerge USA, a radical Muslim political advocacy group that works to gain a foothold within local and federal positions of power. Prior to that, Chowdhury had spent the past three-plus years working out of the national policy office of the US General Services Administration (GSA). Now, he’s back in DC, working at the VA and serving under a President that he has previously spoken out against and demeaned.

LinkedIn is a social networking service which allows people to view others’ professional CVs. Tamim Chowdhury’s LinkedIn page is very detailed. It features all of his activities within the US government. However, there is a gap in the work history on his LinkedIn page from October 2014 through July 2016. It is understandable why.

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