Thursday, March 2, 2017

Democrats proved Tuesday night that they still don’t get it

NYPOST by Salina Zito -- 
Optics are everything, especially in politics.
Which makes the Democrats’ messaging effort — at least the one on display during President Trump’s joint address to Congress — all the more baffling.

What were Democrats trying to say with former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear giving the rebuttal to the president’s speech? The supping folks behind him at the diner looked more like hostages than stage props, let alone ordinary citizens going about their night.

And how is it that Beshear became the voice of a party in disarray? Perhaps that question answers itself. No offense to the former governor, but he’s 72 and out of office. This, for a rebuttal that often goes to an up-and-comer on the party’s bench.


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