Sunday, March 19, 2017

Emergency Vehicles On Scene at White House Checkpoint as Man Claims to Have Bomb

Red State by Caleb Howe  -- 

More flashing lights and sirens outside of the White House tonight as a man allegedly drove up to a checkpoint at the perimeter and claimed to have a bomb in his car. Here is the scene, via Twitter.

The man, who is now apparently in custody, “pulled up” at about 12:30 and made the bomb claim/threat. 

CNN reports that there is no confirmation of any bomb, but that the car is being searched. They also report several streets in the area have been closed and lots of emergency vehicles on scene.

We will post more as it develops.

UPDATE: The President is not at the White House at this time, says spokesman.

UPDATE: Nobles snaps pic from the other side of the perimeter:


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