Wednesday, March 8, 2017

FBI's Comey: "You’re Stuck With Me For Another Six And A Half Years"

Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden -- 

Refuting speculation that after infuriating first democrats with his handling of Hillary Clinton's email server scandal, and then by demanding that the DOJ deny Trump's allegations that Obama had bugged the Trump Tower, he may quit prematurely, FBI Director James Comey made it clear where he stands on the issue: "You’re stuck with me for about another six and a half years," Comey said on Wednesday at a cybersecurity conference hosted by the FBI and Boston College, referring to the amount of time remaining in his 10-year appointment to the post.

Concerns over Comey's tenure re-emerged after he again found himself in the center of a political storm, this time over probes into Russian hacking of the 2016 election and his request on Sunday night that the Justice Department officials reject President Donald Trump’s claims that his predecessor “tapped” his phones (three days later the DOJ has still not complied with Comey's request). Comey is among those invited to testify at the March 20 hearing over Russian "hacking" of the US elections.


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