Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fmr Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino,Turns On Obama to Blow Wiretapping Conspiracy Wide Open--Video

DCClothesline by Jack Burns -- 

President Obama’s former bodyguard, Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, is breaking his silence about his former Commander-in-Chief. Bongino is promising to tell everything he knows about the Obama wire-tapping, which Trump tweeted took place, an allegation for which the mainstream media is actively mocking the current president. One example of possible mainstream media bias surrounding the wiretap claim comes from CNN, which ran a story titled “Donald Trump’s baseless wiretap claim.”

Regardless of how one feels about the current president and the tyrannical moves that he’s made, the following information exposes a massive propaganda campaign that affects all Americans.

Bongino (AKA The Renegade Republican) tweeted, “The NY Times on January 19, 2017: The WH knows about wiretaps. The NY Times today: The wiretaps are conservative conspiracy theories.

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