Sunday, March 12, 2017

Here’s President Trump’s report card after 50 days in office

NYPOST by Micheal Goodwin -- 

President Trump is halfway through his First 100 Days, so it’s time to give him the Ed Koch test. “How am I doin’?” the late New York mayor used to ask, and he always got an answer.

Trump isn’t asking, but he gets a report card anyway. Assessing his start in three key subject areas, I
see a mix of solid hits and key misses, with huge potential and reasons for optimism.

On Subject No. 1, whether he is keeping his campaign promises, Trump scores an A. His focus on doing what he said he would do is the best part of his young presidency because faithfulness is the key to restoring Americans’ trust in government.

Corruption in the halls of power is a perennial problem, but more corrosive these days is the near universal belief that all politicians say one thing and do another. Trump was elected largely because he was an outsider untainted with that baggage, and on that score, he is proving that voters made the right choice.
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