Sunday, March 12, 2017

How Trump can help end the overrated ‘gig’ economy

NYPOST by Jonathon M. Trugman

-- For eight crummy years, Americans have had to endure the perpetually promoted, partisan proclamations of a healthy job market.

In reality, the Obama economy delivered very little in terms of job security, let alone career stability, but it did deliver a preponderance of part-time work mostly with zero benefits. That has become known as the “gig” economy.

Last week’s jobs numbers kicked off Thursday with the ADP National Employment Report, which showed very strong and sustainable job growth for the month of February. That was confirmed on Friday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report. February was the first full month under President Trump.
Well the “gig” is up. The private sector, which is what ADP reports on, added a potent 298,000 jobs in February, an exceptionally strong number by any measure.
The BLS reported a gain of 235,000 nonfarm payrolls. The best part about it is that the jobs created look to be just that: jobs not gigs.

It is a welcome sign that Trump’s approach is on course and our economy is turning from a temporary, Fed-infused one to one that’s self-sustainable and private sector-led. We are now entering Trump’s “Jobs-Jobs-Jobs” economy — one with benefits.


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