Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How Trump has already put the breaks on illegal immigration

At NYPOST by Jonathan S. Tobin --- 

After a first few weeks best remembered for accusations about intrigue with Russia, gobsmacking presidential tweets about President Barack Obama and West Wing palace intrigue, the general impression is that the Trump administration has accomplished little but generate controversy.
But what just happened at the southern border is a success — and it’s solely the work of President Trump.

Though it received relatively little attention, a report from US Customs and Border Protection that noted a 40 percent decline in apprehensions of people illegally crossing into the country from Mexico shouldn’t be ignored. It was the lowest number in February in five years.

More important, it was the first time since the feds starting keeping these numbers in 2000 that there was a decrease in those caught in February.

What could account for such a marked decline? The answer is obvious. Mexicans and other Central Americans who seek to enter the United States illegally are aware of the election results.

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