Monday, March 13, 2017

Obama’s Former Aide Just Revealed The SICK Private Daily Routine Obama Can’t Go Without

(Freedom Daily)

 Ever since Trump got into office, Barack Hussein Obama has been completely consumed with taking our new president down. As information to continues to emerge about his shadow government and his illegal spying on Trump throughout the presidential election, now an insider close to ol’ Barry is revealing one of Obama’s daily routines that’s so sick, it shows just how truly demented and obsessed Obama has become since Trump’s January 20th inauguration ceremony.

As Obama settles into his new 8 bedroom swanky mansion just 2 miles from the White House with his Iranian sidekick Valerie Jarrett, an insider reveals the clandestine operations that’s now in full swing. Rather than resorting to his favorite hobby of playing golf, Obama spends all of his waking hours literally obsessing over the man who succeeded him in office. According to a recent article by Breitbart, Obama leads daily conference calls with Democratic politicians, where they plot vile new strategies for how to completely obliterate Trump and his administration.


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