Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Poll: Majority believe the media has “assumed the role of the opposition party”

Hot Air by  JAZZ Shaw

If you haven’t been noticing something of a trend in the, shall we say “tone” of media coverage as it relates to the Trump presidency you probably don’t spend any of your time watching the news. But how prevalent is that attitude around the country? A new poll from Investors Business Daily finds that if you happen to be feeling that way you are far from alone. A solid majority of the country has grown “weary” of what is described as the “relentless negative coverage” of the new administration.
The mainstream media’s open hostility to President Trump may be starting to backfire, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll.

The poll found that 55% of the public says they’ve grown “weary from the media’s persistently negative coverage of President Trump.” A roughly equal share (54%) also believe that the news media “has assumed the role of the opposition party, constantly opposing the president and his policies at every turn.”


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