Saturday, March 25, 2017

RyanCARE implosion accomplishes three things

At Fire Andrea Mitchell Blog

With the implosion of RyanCARE today, three things have been accomplished.
#1 – Paul Ryan is completely neutered and should be forced to step down as Speaker. Soon after the vote on RyanCARE was cancelled today, there were already rumblings that Paul Ryan would be forced to give up the Speaker-ship, a job he should have never had in the first place.

What Paul Ryan has proven is that he is equally as weak as John Boehner, equally ineffective and still a whore to globalists, just like Boehner. Even if the arrogant Paul Ryan doesn’t step down from the Speaker-ship, he is greatly weakened. This may have been Trump’s plan all along, kudos to him if it was. Trump should win an Oscar for his toying of Paul Ryan and letting him die on the vine.

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