Friday, March 3, 2017

Sessions Controversy Plan by Dems to ‘Obstruct or Delegitimize’ Trump Agenda

Conservative Read by Chris

Dr. Susan Berry,

The former ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights says the controversy over Attorney General Jeff Sessions is part of a plan by Democrats to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.

“Even before President Trump raised his hand to take the oath of office, Democrats were announcing their plans to engage in anything that gridlocks, obstructs, or delegitimizes his cabinet and his agenda,” said Blackwell, who served as domestic policy adviser to the Trump transition team. He went on to say:
As a senator, the Attorney General served on the Armed Services Committee where it is part of his job to meet with international dignitaries and Ambassadors from other countries. Senator McCaskill is today being reminded of her meetings with the same Russian Ambassador. United States Senators should be meeting with and talking to ambassadors from other countries. It’s part of their job description.

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