Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Surprise! Univision Reports Returning Deportees Finding Work In Mexico

At Newsbusters by Jorge Bonilla --

Univision shockingly airs another story that goes against its broader narratives: this time, by reporting on deportees from the United States that go on to find meaningful employment in Mexico.

The most surprising thing about this story is its departure from what could be considered standard deportation coverage- which is mostly driven by fear and footage of sobbing children. Rarely (if ever at all) do you see a story featuring deportees who happily find a better situation upon their return.

Note the remark about 50,000 available well-paying agricultural jobs at the end of the report. One of the main points discussed south of the border when it comes to immigration is reabsorption- specifically, Mexico's ability to reassimilate millions of returning deportees into its collective infrastructure.


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