Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trump brings the boardroom to Washington

The Hill 

-- President Trump has brought the boardroom with him to the White House.
The president has taken to starting his day at the center of a rectangular wood table in a White House Roosevelt room — the closest thing to his Trump Tower boardroom — and sometimes in the State Dining Room or the Cabinet Room. There, he has been meeting with a rotating cast of business leaders, political figures and activists who are hoping to bend his ear.

Since Inauguration Day, the meetings have become a mainstay of his schedule, with Trump holding more than 30 of them so far, with several per week.

Amid the growing pains for the White House, the meetings have created good optics, showing the hands-on approach to governing that Trump promised during the campaign.
But they also serve another purpose: giving Trump the kind of human interaction he craves and had grown accustomed to in his business empire.


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