Thursday, March 23, 2017

What I will Tell President Trump When He calls for My Vote GOP Health Care Bill

By Jack Shaw --

President Trump: Mr. Shaw how will you vote  on the GOP Health Care Bill?

Jack Shaw: Mr. President I will vote 'NO' on the health care bill and here is why:

Mr. President when you ran for the White House last Fall you promised to repeal Obama Care.
The bill you are putting forward is NOT a full, clean repeal of Obama Care.

Mr. President, You ran as an outsider who hated the DC political establishment. Why are you now joining forces with the likes of Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell to pass a new ' big government' health care law that We the People don't want? The people don't want government in the HC business. We don't want a bill produced by the swamp.

My hope was when you repealed Obama Care, the government would get out of the health care business. Because you were a businessman, my thinking was that after ObamaCare was repealed health care would then return to a market-based system. A system that would have Insurance Companies competing to get citizens'  health care dollars.We had such a HC system 8+ years ago before Obama Care. That system worked for most Americans. We had good coverage at reasonable cost with much-lower deductibles.

When you tackled health care I though I would see you going around Congress,
pulling Insurance company's CEOs in to a Trump HC summit telling them to go back to the Market HC system of 8 years ago, saying improve on items like preexisting conditions, Child to adult coverage,andallowing citizens to buy insurance from any company in any state.

I know you make Great Deals so I expected to see you have a socond, another CEO summit, this time with the drug companies CEOs. You selling the CEOs on much, much lower Drug prices. Your sales pitch: If the drug companies to be in on the drugs the American government buys for it's soldiers and veterans, Drug Companies will give citizens' the same bulk prices.

Mostly, I am very upset that you are working with the government establishment on this
instead of creating your own plan and Trump rules, producing an outsider Trump answer to our health care system.

Mr. President, if I were you I would release a statement that since the House and senate have not
come up with a passable Health Care bill and the people don't want what the government has produced that you, President Trump, with market leaders will come up with a solution.
It will not involve the government.

That looks like another win for you.

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