Sunday, March 26, 2017

What Is Eminently Clear After Republican Healthcare’s “Stunning” Defeat

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble -- 

The blame is being thrown about, especially in the direction of the Freedom Caucus, and the Democrats are gleeful, but what they don’t understand is Donald Trump will persevere and their healthcare plan is a disaster. However, if a replacement isn’t in place before 2018, Republicans could lose the majority in the Senate and seats in the House.

The approach and the entire process was flawed. It is said that when the Freedom Caucus visited the White House earlier this week, Steve Bannon opened with the line, “Guys, look, this is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.”

One member said, “You know the last time someone ordered me to do something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy. And I didn’t listen to him either.”

Threats don’t work with Conservatives. They will die for their principles.

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