Friday, March 17, 2017

YO NINTH CIRCUIT: Saudi Prince Had THIS To Say About Trump’s So-Called ‘Muslim Ban’

Clash Daily by  Doug Giles --

It really jacks up your narrative, doesn’t it?
What’s the big lie even Conservative-friendly news outlets keep repeating? The one deliberately shaped by liberal talking-heads, and taken up by almost every left-leaning news report on the topic.

The report of the travel ban is almost NEVER reported without a values-laden adjective.

You don’t hear Six ‘unstable states’. Or ‘war-torn states’. Or ‘states Obama’s administration identified as high-risk’.

You hear reports — invariably — calling them ‘Muslim-majority’ states.

Now unless they are willing to concede a CAUSAL relationship between the sorry, unstable state of their nations, and Islam (I suspect they are NOT) there is no reason to call them Muslim-majority states.


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