Thursday, April 6, 2017

Audio: Susan Rice lies she and Obama removed Syria chemical weapons

Fire Andrea Mitchell

Days before leaving office, Susan Rice told NPR hack Rachel Martin that she and Obama removed all chemical weapons in Syria. This of course was another classic Susan Rice lie as over 100 people died, including babies in the latest Syrian chemical weapons attack by Bashir al-Assad.

While the media ignores the Susan Rice unmasking, they also ignore another one of her whopper lies. Obama and Susan Rice claiming chemical weapons were completely removed from the Bashir al-Assad regime and Syria. Add this lie to the Benghazi lie about the Youtube video on five Sunday news shows and you see what kind of person Susan Rice really is.

Susan Rice didn’t make these false claims about Syria chemical weapons under duress, or pressure from Republican. She made this claim during a softball interview on NPR with left wing hack Rachel Martin. What excuse could she possibly have about this lie? And what excuse could the corrupt media possibly have for ignoring this story about Susan Rice?


Audio: Susan Rice claims she and Obama removed Syria chemical weapons 

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