Sunday, April 9, 2017

Battle over sanctuary cities escalating


JS-- My questions to officials pushing sanctuary cities are: did the citizens get to vote on whether or not to  make their city a Sanctuary City? If No vote, who put you in charge to make that decision for the people? Did the citizens volunteer to pay for the immigrants' welfare and medical bills?

The Hill

Immigration hardliners are threatening to hold potentially billions of dollars in state grants hostage as they seek to compel so-called sanctuary cities to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials.
Legislators in 33 states have introduced measures to limit or prevent cities from acting as sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. Only one state this year, Mississippi, has enacted a ban on sanctuary jurisdictions, but several others, including Texas, Indiana, Iowa, Florida and Georgia, are advancing their own bills.

Sanctuary cities and counties often defy requests from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to hold undocumented immigrants so they can be picked up later for deportation.

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