Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bill To Ban Sharia Law From Courts Reversed As Governor Confirms Veto

-- There may be a Wanted poster out soon for Gov Steve Bullock and I'll bet every person in MT 

Conservativedailypost by Sam Di gangi -- 

Recently we covered the debate in Montana where a vote was reached in favor of a bill to ban abusive sharia Islam from ever having recognition in the state. Some officials were trying to compare the old Jewish practice of sewing two garments together as being on par with beating women in the street under sharia practices in an attempt to stop the ban, but that too failed. Most people thought that the issue was settled. After all, who would want sharia law in Montana? Public beatings, genital mutilation, acid being thrown in faces; it doesn’t seem like a system that will go over very well in America, right?

Well, Governor Steve Bullock of Montana is not so sure that beheadings and throwing people from towering architecture is something that won’t work in his state. Instead, he is leaning towards the radical’s side and has vetoed the legislation to ban sharia! 

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