Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Donald Trump can and must abolish the CIA

The Duran by Adam  Garrie --

Donald Trump’s war with the CIA can only be won through a combination of radial measures on the part of the Trump administration and a ferocious purge of those who seek to use espionage tactics to subvert the legitimacy of the elected President of the United States. The CIA threatens not only to damage Donald Trump personally, but also to undermine the authority of the office of President of the United States. The CIA is a rogue organisation and its power must be severely curtailed.

is clear that the hour for compromise has passed. With the CIA aiding Donald Trump’s political opponents who have accused him of being a kind of foreign agent, Donald Trump must take decisive action to assert his legitimacy which he earned the hard way, the real way, the democratic way.
Trump must create a new intelligence agency which will either wholly replace or take over the majority of duties currently assigned to the CIA. Through either eliminating the CIA or reducing the scope of its mission and consequently its power, Donald Trump will be able to start fresh with a new state organ that will be loyal, sympathetic and confined to the restrictions of the Constitutional law.

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