Friday, April 21, 2017

EPA Touts Successes of Programs Trump’s Budget Aims to Kill

When the government is as much over its budget as America all programs have to be trimmed, even successful programs.


President Donald Trump has proposed ending dozens of Environmental Protection Agency programs in his drive to slash its budget, but that’s not stopping his administration from taking credit for those operations in the meantime.

In the latest example, the EPA Wednesday called the The Diesel Emission Reduction Program "one of the most cost-effective federal programs," noting $13 in health and economic benefits for every $1 in funding. Also winning recent public praise from the agency: the Energy Star program for appliances and funding to clean up abandoned gasoline storage tanks.

Each of those programs is on the list of more than 200 the White House targeted for elimination or steep budget cuts, as it seeks to reduce EPA’s budget by 31 percent. The budget proposal was turned over to Congress, where appropriators say they will be writing their own version, not approving wholesale the one offered by the president.

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