Wednesday, April 12, 2017

George Clooney's Italian estate is being overrun by unruly Muslim ‘refugees’

Jew News by Carl Surges -- 

How about a nice hypocrisy sandwich, topped with a steaming slab of schadenfreude? Yum!
After listening to world savior, liberal airhead, and self-absorbed Hollywood moron George Clooney blast President Trump for his Muslim refugee ban, I have to admit this is delicious!

It seems Lake Como, Italy, George’s idyllic other world, to which he regularly escapes the rat race which We the People are forced to live in, and where he own a $10 million lakefront mansion, is being overrun by…. wait for it…. Muslim refugees!

These new residents of upper crust Lake Como are not exactly welcome by Mr. Clueless’s neighbors, who claim that the “refugees” (almost all young, healthy males) are ruining their little slice of Utopia. And that is just due to their presence, where the well-heeled elitists have to look at them and smell them. Hang on, folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait until you experience their gang-rape and brutal assault phase, coming soon.


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