Saturday, April 22, 2017

How Trump and the GOP are plotting to give big health insurers exactly what they want


The nation’s biggest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, had a pretty good quarter, judging from the preening by its executives during a conference call with Wall Street analysts this week.
The company turned a profit of $2.2 billion on revenue of $48.7 billion for the quarter ended March 30. That was partially the result of the company’s bailing out entirely on Affordable Care Act individual insurance exchanges, on which it was losing money.

Executives from Chief Executive Stephen Hemsley on down shed crocodile tears on the “difficult decision” to abandon the ACA, but they weren’t shy about proposing changes to the law that they think will make it better. Interestingly, every change they mentioned would make the ACA work a lot better for UnitedHealth, though not for its customers.
This waiver is a pure wave-through. States can do what they want.


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