Monday, April 24, 2017

In first 100 days, Donald Trump has made all the right enemies: Column


As far as his base is concerned, the antiestablishment president they sent to Washington is doing exactly what they asked him to do.

With President Trump’s 100th day in office coming at the end of April, media have already begun the timeless — and meaningless — process of dissecting how he is doing.
One hundred is an arbitrary deadline, born of our society’s enduring fascination with round numbers. Nonetheless, we persist in asking presidential candidates what their first 100 days would be like and then judging the winner at the same mark.

Our system of government gives the president enormous power to make things happen in his first 100 days (or in any 100-day period, for that matter). However, the chief executive’s ability to move swiftly runs smack into the big white glacier at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, where Congress is better judged in yearly increments.


Scott Jennings, Louisville Courier-Journal

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