Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ivanka And Jared's Prominent White House Roles Unpopular With Voters

TAPWIRES by Peter Hassan
Voters are not happy with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, playing such significant roles in the Trump White House, according to a new Quinnipiac poll out Wednesday.
Ivanka and Kushner have seen their White House responsibilities grow in recent weeks, while chief strategist Steve Bannon - who bickered with Kushner in a very public feud - was forced to accept a more diminished role.

A majority of voters - 53 percent - think it is not appropriate for Ivanka to "play a significant role in the White House," while 36 percent disagreed, according to the poll. As for Kushner, 53 percent agreed said that it's not appropriate for him to have a significant role, while 32 percent disagreed.
The poll also showed that voters have more favorable opinions of Ivanka than they do of Kushner.


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