Thursday, April 27, 2017

Judge Orrick Whores Himself and Besots The Constitution Over A Mere $200,000

The Resurgent

The shadow of former President Obama looms large in the federal district courts, with the latest judge to block President Trump based on nothing but “because I can” having raised $200,000 in support of Obama in 2008. Trump’s EO blocking “sanctuary cities” from receiving federal funds was challenged by San Francisco and Santa Clara County, both of which want to continue flouting federal immigration law.

According to the Daily Wire, U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick also raised $100,000 for John Kerry in 2004, and an additional $30,800 for Obama-related groups in 2008.
Orrick is the poster boy for activist judges.

In 2015, he blocked the Center for Medical Progress from releasing damning video exposing Planned Parenthood as the baby-part-selling ghouls they are.


By Steve Berman

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