Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let’s not get too chummy with China

NYPOST  by Benny Avni --

JS- I see relations improving with China and this is a good thing. The anti-Trump group still doesn't get it, things will be changing.

In President Trump’s world, Russia’s out and China’s in. But despite early benefits, he should beware of getting too chummy with his new BFF — Beijing’s Xi Jinping.

Trump’s switcheroo (he’s no longer pro-Russia and anti-China, as he was on the campaign trail) is showing some early signs of success on the Korean Peninsula: Ever so slightly, Beijing’s shifting away from its unconditional defense of the Kim Jong-un regime.

Why? Display of American might in Afghanistan and Syria, the latter while Xi was enjoying dessert at Mar-a-Lago, has reminded Beijing that it should beware of the world’s (still) foremost military power.

It also helps that, while visiting the 38th parallel DMZ Monday, Vice President Mike Pence reiterated that the Obama-era strategy of “strategic patience” toward North Korea is no longer Washington’s policy.

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