Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MSNBC decides to support ISIS. Interviews 4 warmongers pushing for Trump to attack Syria (Video)

The Duran by Alex Christoforou

NBC went all in, supporting the “Assad chemical weapons” fake news story neatly packaged by the “moderate rebels” (aka Al Qaeda), the White Helmets (aka ISIS), and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (a one man operation not even based in Syria, but the UK).

Duran has already thoroughly debunked the entire Idlib chemical weapons story:
MSNBC has decided to forgo journalism by investigating the alleged sarin attack, opting to trust the word of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, trotting out a barrage of interviews with warmongers, aimed at pushing the Trump administration into acting out against Syria, and forcing Trump to square off against Putin and Russia.

It is MSNBC’s deep state strategy of killing two birds with one stone…keep destroying Syria in service to their Saudi masters, while sabotaging any chance of a US-Russia détente.


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